Borosilicate Glass Cuvettes & Flow Cells (Fused Quartz & Fused Silica)

Borosilicate Glass Cuvettes & Flow Cells (Fused Quartz & Fused Silica)

SGP manufactures custom glass cuvettes and flow cells tailored to specific dimensions and applications, ensuring optimal performance in various analytical techniques such as spectrophotometry, fluorometry, and automated chemistry analysis.

While we have extensive experience across a wide range of materials, borosilicate glass and fused quartz are most commonly used in applications requiring cuvettes and flow cells. Known for its high chemical resistance, borosilicate glass maintains integrity when exposed to a wide range of substances, from saltwater to blood, and performs exceptionally well in laboratory settings. Due to its high UV transmission and thermal stability, fused quartz is often recommended for UV applications and high-temperature environments over 1,000ºC.

Our cuvettes and flow cells are designed and manufactured with precise dimensions, typically <1″ square/diameter x <12″ long with tolerances adhering to ±0.0008” for uniformity and consistency. Surface quality is polished to a surface finish of 40/20 S/D for optimal optical performance. Anti-reflective coatings can be applied to further enhance transmission.

Flow cells can be customized to suit specific flow paths and volumes down to .005” inside diameter, with options for various inlet and outlet configurations. Conical shapes are often preferred for smooth liquid flow.

Cleaning procedures vary depending on the contents used, ranging from rinsing with deionized water for water-soluble substances to employing ethanol and dish soap for organic matter. Maintenance involves keeping the cuvettes or flow cells clean and dry for optimal reusability.

Quality control measures aligned with ISO 9001-2015 standards ensure consistent manufacturing quality. SGP has a rich history of providing customized cuvettes and flow cells to numerous companies and institutions. While specific customer information is proprietary, we can provide references or examples of similar projects completed in the past. Glass cuvettes & flow cells are custom manufactured for size and application. Quantity pricing can be quoted from engineering prototypes through production volumes. If you have a requirement for custom cuvettes or flow cells, please contact us!