Corning 1737F Glass

Glass Type: Borosilicate


Corning 1737F Glass is manufactured by Corning . Its average 60/40 scratch/dig surface finish is useful in displays. 1737F is available in thin flat stock. SGP can drill, cut, lap, and polish 1737F glass into any dimension or surface finish.

Thermal PropertiesMechanical Properties
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion(0/300°C): 37.6X10-7°CDensity2.54 g/cm3 (at 25°C/77°F)
Annealing Point721°C/ 1330 °FKnoop HardnessN/A
Softening Point975°C/1787°FYoung’s Modulus7.38X103 Kg/mm2
Strain Point666°C/ 1231 °FPoisson’s Ratio0.29
Chemical PropertiesElectrical Properties
Hydrolytic ResistanceN/ADielectric ConstantE=5.7
Acid ResistanceN/AResistivityN/A
Alkali ResistanceN/ADielectric StrengthN/A
Optical Properties
Refractive Index1.516 (656.3 nm)