Laser Cutting, Drilling, & Milling

At Specialty Glass Products, we use laser cutting, milling, and drilling for the production of precision glass and quartz items. Laser processing is an effective option for generating cuts with smooth edges and executing designs with high precision and accuracy. We operate powerful CO2 laser systems that can fracture a piece of glass or quartz along an exact line and drill holes down to 2 microns with remarkable accuracy. Our technicians push the boundaries of laser cutting technology to accommodate the most challenging quality requirements.

We process many types and grades of glass and quartz. Some examples of the borosilicate type glasses we process include high-end materials like Gorilla® Glass, Willow® Glass, and EAGLE products from Corning as well as a range of SCHOTT optical glasses. We also laser process fused quartz, high-purity fused silica products, and architectural glasses, among others. Our lasers cut 3D shapes measuring from .01” to 12.0” in diameter from sheet measuring anywhere in the .004” to 1.0” thickness range. We uphold tolerances as close as ±.0005”.

Laser cutting, milling, and drilling, along with all of our other glass fabrication services, takes place in a quality-driven manufacturing environment. We are ISO 9001:2015 compliant and have a quality assurance department outfitted with optical comparators, ultra-precision scales, digital micrometers, profilometers, and a programmable RAM optical video system. We also leverage automated data collection for SPC analytics.

We take on projects involving prototypes and one-of-a-kind items as well as production volumes. Our products comply with Mil-spec, ASME, DIN, and other industry standards. To learn more about our laser cutting, milling, and drilling services or any of our overall glass fabrication capabilities, contact us directly.

Laser Cutting, Drilling, & Milling