Eagle XG Glass

Glass Type: Borosilicate


Corning® Eagle XG® is a borosilicate glass specifically designed for high performance LCD’s. It is considered environmentally friendly as it contains no heavy metals (arsenic, antimony, barium, or halides). The glass also features high surface quality, excellent thermal properties, low density, and high resistance to chemicals.

Thermal PropertiesMechanical Properties
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion31.7 x 10-7/°CDensity2.38 g/cm3 (at 20°C/68°F)
Annealing Point722°C/1332°FVickers Hardness640
Softening Point971°C/1780°FYoung’s Modulus73.6 Gpa
Strain Point669°C/1236° FPoisson’s Ratio0.23
Chemical PropertiesElectrical Properties
Hydrolytic ResistanceN/ADielectric ConstantE=5.27MHz @R.T.
Acid ResistanceN/AResistivity1011Ohm/cm @R.T.
Alkali ResistanceN/ADielectric StrengthN/A
Optical Properties
Refractive Index1.598