Corning® EAGLE XG® Glass

Glass Type: Borosilicate


Corning® EAGLE XG® glass is a borosilicate glass specifically designed for high performance LCD’s. Corning® EAGLE XG® glass is considered environmentally friendly as it contains no heavy metals (arsenic, antimony, barium, or halides). Corning® EAGLE XG® glass also features high surface quality, excellent thermal properties, low density, and high resistance to chemicals.

Thermal PropertiesMechanical Properties
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion31.7 x 10-7/°CDensity2.38 g/cm3 (at 20°C/68°F)
Annealing Point722°C/1332°FVickers Hardness640
Softening Point971°C/1780°FYoung’s Modulus73.6 Gpa
Strain Point669°C/1236° FPoisson’s Ratio0.23
Chemical PropertiesElectrical Properties
Hydrolytic ResistanceN/ADielectric ConstantE=5.27MHz @R.T.
Acid ResistanceN/AResistivity1011Ohm/cm @R.T.
Alkali ResistanceN/ADielectric StrengthN/A
Optical Properties
Refractive Index1.598