Redrawn Tubing & Rod

At Specialty Glass Products, we supply redrawn tubing and rod per custom specifications. We keep a large inventory of standard size and tolerance soda-lime, borosilicate, and quartz rod and tubing in stock at all times ready for processing to custom specifications. Using our specialty draw towers, we transform standard rod and tube into products that exceed the usual standards for inner diameter, outer diameter, circularity, concentricity, and straightness.

With our redraw capabilities, we can produce tube and rod into numerous shapes. For tubing, we can create single-bore and multi-bore products with round, square, rectangular, oval, and custom profiles. We offer multiple rod products as well, including rounded, square, rectangular, and triangular profiles, as well as V-groove, U-groove, U-channel, and other miscellaneous shapes.

We work with rod and tube measuring from .005” to 2.0” in diameter with tube bore sizes anywhere in the .0001” to 1.9” range. Tolerances can be specified as close as ±.0005” on diameter, and we can produce ultra-precision bores accurate to within ±.00001”. Length can be anywhere in the 0.1” to 60.0” range with tolerances to ±.001”.

As a glass manufacturer with decades of experience, we carry out extensive quality analytics using high-tech, high-accuracy measurement instruments. We produce high-quality components in flexible configurations for numerous applications within industries such as semiconductor, communications, aerospace, laser technology, fiber optic manufacturing, analytical instrument, etc. Our engineers are available to help with design aspects, and they are excellent problem-solvers. Contact us directly to learn more about our redrawn tubing and rod products or to make an inquiry.

Redrawn Tubing & Rod