Corning® Willow® Glass

  • At roughly the same thickness as a sheet of copy paper, Corning® Willow® Glass is thin enough to be flexible while retaining its superior glass attributes. Willow® Glass provides the inherent benefits of glass in a mechanically bendable form-factor, enabling cost-efficient device processing.
  • Willow® Glass can be used in displays to make thinner and lighter portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, without sacrificing device performance or reliability. It is also an ideal material for laminate applications like kitchen backsplashes and other vertical surfaces.
  • Corning’s patented edge tabs enable practical use of Willow® Glass in roll-to-roll processing.
SizesUp to 1100mm x 1200mmUp to 1.3 m wide and 300m long
CompositionAlkali-free BorosilicateAlkali-free Borosilicate
Thickness100 µm and 200 µm100 µm and 200 µm

Sample Characteristics

Bulk PropertiesMetric UnitNominal Values
Densityg / cc2.3 – 2.5
CTE (0° to 300° C)ppm / °C3 – 5
Young’s ModulusGPa70 – 80
Poisson Ratio__0.20 – 0.25
Strain Point°C650 – 700
Annealing Point°C700 – 750
Dielectric Constant (k=E° /E)__5 – 6
Surface RoughnessRa (nm)
Rpv (nm)
< 0.5
< 20
Minimum Bend Radius*mm100 µm = 90mm
200 µm = 180mm

Optical Transmission

Optical Transmission

Bend Stress

Bend Stress