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Specialty Glass Products..... is a manufacturer and fabricator of custom precision glass parts and glass products. With more than 45 years experience producing glass products and engineering solutions for the biomedical, communications, laser manufacturing, aerospace avionics, semiconductor, fiber optic, and electronics industries, SGP has the ability to produce precision glass parts for any application.

• Custom Manufactured Glass Products
• Glass Engineering Services
• Prototype Development
• Glass Fabrication
Glass Products
Receive fast online quotes and review detailed specifications for common glass shapes including glass discs, plates, tubes, rods, glass wafers and substrates with the SGP glass product catalog.
Glass Manufacturing
SGP offers a full range of glass manufacturing services including CNC drilling and milling, and double sided glass grinding, lapping and polishing.. Click here to learn more…
Buy glass cuvettes online!
SGP manufactures reusable Pyrex® cuvettes for the medical testing of fluids in Olympus and Hitachi Automated Chemistry Analyzers. Click here to order…
Specialty Glass Products
2885 Terwood Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090 U.S.A.
Phone: 800-850-4747
Fax: 215-659-7217
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